Gérard GALLO
The composer Gérard Gallo was born January 27, 1927 in Vire in Calvados.

It is also the brother of producer and director Jean-pierre Gallo, and uncle Adrien Gallo BB BRUNES group.

This music lover child learns his first notes at the age of 14 years without even knowing how to read music.


This is his encounter Nadia Boulanger, who takes him under his wing.

He will work with her for 7 years. It has the form of writing music.


He entered on TV as an illustrator music.
Including issuing five columns to one, Panorama documentary series on the Impressionists, in collaboration with Max-Pol Fouche and Jean Malori.

Documentaries :

 -  The Challenges of the ocean (Pierre Dutour)
 -  Spring tragic
 -  Bernard Buffet
 -  The show Beyond the screen
 -  The Brain
 -  Human hidden 

It will also be recruited by the Ministry of Information of ORTF for Televised Journal with the support of André Jolivet.

In 1968 it will provide the sound system for the Grenoble Olympics.

Compositions for the series :

 -  Ardéchois heart faithful
 -  The pin Black
 -  flying deer
 -  The son of a shoemaker
 -  The girls of the cellar master
 -  the mysterious Doctor Cornelius
 -  The force of destiny
 -  Désiré Lafarge

Compositions pour des films :

 -  Silencio (directed by her Jean-pierre brother Gallo)
 -  Pleasure of life
 -  Freya of 7 islands
 -  Man of power

To date he has composed over 216 musical works. 

 -  Conerto Guitar
 -  Piano Concerto
 -  Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
Pierre Louis , actor, director and TV host says Gerard Gallo "is a musical illustration what Jean Marais in the cinema."